Here are just a few comments from people I have had the pleasure of teaching:

“Miss Dianne is an inspirational dance teacher, always adding lots of fun and laughter to her classes.  She is a brilliant teacher for children and adults, with a positive attitude and always a smile.  I have always enjoyed my dance classes (tap and latterly as an adult beginner in ballet), both for the exercise and the fun we had.  Dianne is a genuine, lovely person who has her own unique and creative teaching style – and not forgetting a brilliant sense of humour” (Lynda – Tap, Ballet and Zumba)

“If there were grades for ‘best teacher’ Dianne would get honours.” (Eve & family)

“Miss Dianne’s enthusiasm and love of dancing has been passed onto Millie and all the girls she has taught.”  (Millie – Grade 2 Ballet and Tap)

“I have been so lucky to be taught by such a lovely, talented dancing teacher.” (Doreen – Adult Tap)

“Miss Dianne has supported and encouraged me throughout the years and has provided the class with many laughs.  It has been great to have Dianne as my teacher.”  (Harriet – Intermediate Ballet)

“I have really enjoyed Miss Dianne’s classes and it’s thanks to Miss Dianne I have managed to achieve good grades in all my exams” (Katelyn – Grade 3 Ballet)

“Thank you for taking me through my first ballet exam – Miss Dianne is an amazing teacher.”  (Charlie – Mature Grade 2 Ballet)

“Miss Dianne has helped me to achieve one of my all time wishes – to be able to tap.  It’s been a pleasure to be in Dianne’s class – she is a great teacher and makes her classes fun and challenging   but most of all achievable– I’ve enjoyed every minute.” (Michelle – Adult Tap)

“Dianne has given me a fantastic intro to Zumba” (Gill)

“A great Zumba teacher “ (Josie)

“Dianne is the lady with the never ending smile – truly one in a million” (Claire – Adult Tap)