QUESTION – IS THERE A UNIFORM? Yes, there is, please check what to wear for your class.

Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes: Female dance students wear a black sleeveless leotard and dance skirt, ballet pink tights (not flesh coloured) or white ankle socks in summer (tights are available to purchase from me). Pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes. A pink or black cross-over dance top may be worn for warm-up and/or cooler weather. For Tiny Tots and Pre-School classes the students have the choice of wearing either black or pink leotards and skirts. Long hair should worn in a bun or tied back neatly. Male dance students wear black leggings and dance tshirt with black socks, black ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

Contemporary/Modern Jazz classes: Female dance students wear a black sleeveless leotard and dance shorts or black leggings. Bare feet or black jazz shoes. Dance tshirt or cross-over for warm-up and/or cooler weather.

Musical Theatre Students wear black leggings or dance shorts, DJTD dance tshirt (available to purchase from me) and black canvas lace up shoes. DJTD zip-up Hoodies can be worn in class, these can be ordered in class.

Zumba Kids wear dance shorts or leggings, tshirt and sneakers. DJTD dance tshirts are available to purchase from me.

DJTD Zip-Up Hoodies – can be ordered through me and can be worn to come to class and/or for warm-up. The DJTD zip-up hoodie can be worn in Musical Theatre lessons as part of the uniform for the class.

QUESTION – CAN I DO A TRIAL CLASS? Yes, you can try the class before committing. It is important to find a class that suits your child and their needs. Come along and try the class before you decide to join us. For the trial class wear something comfortable that is easy to move around in. For ballet, tap and jazz classes ideally bring along a hard soled shoe for tap and soft shoes or bare feet (no socks – too slippy) for ballet.

QUESTION – DO PARENTS WATCH CLASSES? Parents generally stay for the Tiny Tots classes as the children are very young. Parents are also encouraged to join in with their little one for support in this class. For Pre-School classes parents have the choice as to whether they stay or go. Some parents use this to help with the transition to school/kindy. In all other classes parents drop and go. We usually have a watching week in terms 1, 2 and 3 (older students prefer not to have parents watching the class) – feel free to contact me at any time if you would like to know more about your child’s progress.

CAN I TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEO RECORDING? Photography or video recording during class is not permitted. However, I do not mind parents taking the odd ‘snap’ of their own child in class  – these are precious memories to treasure BUT video recording of dances is NOT permitted under any circumstances and is in breach of child protection laws and music copyright.

QUESTION – HOW DO I PAY MY FEES? An invoice will be sent to you via email. Payment can be made via cash or bank transfer (I do not have an eftpos machine.

QUESTION – WHAT DO I DO IF I MISS A CLASS? If you miss a class for any reason (ill health, holiday, etc) you are welcome to do a make-up class anytime during the year as long as you are an enrolled student.

QUESTION – WILL MY CHILD MOVE UP/CHANGE GROUPS EACH YEAR? Generally, only for Tiny Tots and Pre-School move up/change groups. When Tiny Tots reach the age of approx 3.5 they are usually ready to progress to Pre-School classes. For Tiny Tots who are not quite ready for Pre-School Class but are ready to move up there is an Intro to Pre-School Class. Children do ballet, tap and Jazz in this class. When Pre-School children start school they are ready for more of a challenge and start with Level 1 classes. From Level 1 classes upwards the class will stay together each year as they progress as a group moving through the Levels (subject to numbers). There is no need for students to ‘move up’/change groups/days every year. However, some children advance more quickly than others so they might to move if they need more of a challenge than their current group.