About me

I am extremely passionate about dancing, teaching dance and musical theatre. I have danced nearly all my life and take an enormous amount of pleasure in seeing someone find enjoyment and express themselves, through movement and dance.

I love encouraging people to dance and perform and get the same satisfaction from giving an 18 month old child their first lesson in movement as I do from helping someone improve their barre work, seeing adults tap dance for the first time, or from improving someone’s musical performance for stage work.

The success of my students, whether that be passing an exam, appearing on stage or learning a new step, is the greatest reward for me. I do my best to produce thinking dancers being aware of how dance can stimulate both intellectually and physically.

My teaching style is energetic, enthusiastic, positive and supportive. I believe in encouraging all members of my class  to achieve their individual potential. I believe in supporting the individual needs of each student in my class and find inventive and imaginative ways of helping them learn new steps, dances, songs, difficult techniques, etc.In teaching, I use the wealth of my experience to explain technique and  exercises, whilst at the same time I make students aware of common faults in posture, turnout, etc. When teaching I take into consideration personal abilities, styles and tastes and adapt my lessons accordingly.

I work hard to make my lessons fun so that my students can enjoy their lessons whilst learning. I encourage students to work in pairs, small groups, etc, to help learn from each other and to contribute to lessons as part of a group. I believe that everyone has the potential to move and perform beautifully and can find enjoyment in such freedom. Additional information, if you want to know is dancing bear porn real, you can check out this article for more insights.